Derrick Tyler Construction, Inc.

No Bull Barns

Customer Testimonials

"Your crew was smooth and efficient working throughout the entire project"

Elite Engineering Services

Jackson, MI

"Derrick Tyler Construction was easy to work with, fast and had good communication.  Very impressed with the work done. "

Fiber Char Corporation

Alpena, MI  

"We used Derrick Tyler of No Bull Barns and highly recommend them! One of the most professional and honest contractors I've used in the country! He stands by his work and products, can not go wrong with them."

-Vanessa Froman

Sawyer, MI

"Derrick, I was going to give you a testimonial, but you don't need one!  No really folks this guy does awesome work and sticks to his quotes.  He goes above and beyond the scope of work and makes your project a reality....Hat's off Derrick Tyler Construction"

-Paul Dost 

Reese, MI 

"It is always impressive to see a skilled team perform.  Derrick was always happy to explain what was going on and ask if we needed something"

- Mount Vernon, NH  October 2015

56 x 144 building used for laying hens, egg washing and packing


"Thank you for your service, please call us if you need references!"

- Rochester, MA   May 2015

Building used for equestrian and riding arena


"Thank you for the timely and professional job!"

- Manchester, VT   February 2015

54 x 60 building used for road salt storage